Semi Permanent Make up


brows 1Eyebrows are the frame of our face but sometimes we need a little help as all too often they can appear uneven or sparse as we lose some, or even all of the hair through over zealous tweezing or ageing. We can redesign & restore them using the latest 3d hairstroke technique leaving you with natural bespoke brows designed to suit YOUR facial features & bone structure. Whether your looking for just a subtle enhancement or a more defined & full on celebrity brow, semi-Permanent Make-up can literally transform your whole appearance.

Treatment & Prices
3D Hairstroke brows £320
Annual top up £160
Colour boosters £90

Permanent eyeliner is a must if you want to add definition to your eyes without the hassle of applying it every morning. Choose from upper or lower lids, or go for both to really make your eyes pop!


Treatment & Prices
Upper or lower eyeliner £165
Upper & lower £295

Eyelash enhancement
Eyelash enhancement is a very subtle and natural way of defining the lashes. By applying the pigment between the lashline we can create a look of fullness and depth at the base of your lashes, a very popular choice with people who don’t like the full eyeliner look & are just looking to add a little definition to their eyes

Treatment & Prices
Upper or lower £150
Upper & lower £275

As we get older our lip colour/shape can appear to recede. By having a permanent lip enhancement we can create an improved beautiful new lip shape for you, correcting symmetry and fullness with an incredibly natural looking blush

Treatment & prices
Lip contour £220
Lip blush £320
Full lip colour £350

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Consultation & patch test is required